In Memory of Matt McCulley

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Please sign up for your preferred position.  All volunteers should report to their posts by 6:30 am on Saturday 5.25.13.  Thank you for all you.  We truly appreciate your support!




2. Become familiar with the events of the day.

♦ Time race(s) start

♦ Start and finish points

♦ Bathroom facilities

♦ Awards ceremony site

1. Stay out of way of racers.

2. Look out for bandits (unofficial racers without numbers).

3. Help keep crowd back behind lines.

4. Show your support for all of our racers – we need more cow bell!!!


Water Stations:

1. Place the trash cans 20’ & 30’ past the water station so runners can

attempt to drop their cups into the can.

2. Fill as many cups as possible about 2/3 full, and place them on the

edge of the table, but not too close to be knocked over. Set water

containers on the side of the table away from the runners.

3. Do not place cups too close to each other, as they will be knocked

over by passing runners trying to grab one.

4. Stand at the end of the table so as not to obstruct the runners from

getting to the tables for cups. It will be impossible to hand each runner

a cup — some will have to grab from the table.

5. Have at least TWO PEOPLE filling cups at all times.

6. Empty all fluids from containers, break down the tables and set them

off to the side, and place the trash cans with the tables and


8. Pick up all cups and place them in the plastic bag. (Please make

sure that the entire area is clean so residents won’t complain and

possibly cause a future cancellation.)

9. When complete, wait for the pickup vehicle, or return to the finish line.


Turn Around Points:

1.As racers approach, take up a position easily in view for some distance by

the runners.

2. Signal the direction they are to follow some distance before they reach your

point so there is no doubt when they approach.

3. Cheer for all racers – they work hard!

4. Stay at your point until the last runner has passed.

5. Wait for the course vehicle to pick you up or return to the finish line (return

any signs).


Packet Pick-up: 

These volunteers check-in day-of-race participants and hand out registration packets to those preregistered. Answer any questions, assist racers with any issue that may arise.



The Transition is the center of all activity. These volunteers provide security for bikes and equipment, check for bib numbers and body marking and keep non-participants out of the transition. You may be assisting the competitors with their bike location and questions prior to the race. During the race you will assist by pointing the athletes to the correct exit depending on the bike or run. Or you will help the athletes respect the mount/dismount lines and help slow down returning cyclists. You may be assigned to assist with the bike in/out location and the run in/out areas. In this area, many volunteers are needed in these congested areas to keep cyclists and runners from getting in each others way and to keep spectators far enough back to give racers sufficient space.  You may have two or three different tasks within the Transition area, thus you need to be flexible.


Body Marking:

Volunteers will verify race number and place the number in the proper place on arms and legs. Place age on the calf. Keep the athletes moving so there is no waiting.


Swim, Bike, Run Positions:

Keep fans and supporters a safe clear distance from the course so the participants and organizers will have sufficient space to function. Guard the chute from the water to the transition area so swimmers have an easy run and not have to dodge spectators crossing back and forth. There may be some need to assist in traffic/spectator control at some intersections. Safety is a major item for volunteers and racers!


Support Functions / Food, Finish Line, Awards:

Assist in getting ice, keeping drinks cold, and hand out food to the athletes. Assist in packing up food when the race is over.  Help clean up trash during and after the event, help break down the tables and equipment and carry to the truck.


Finish line chute: These volunteers check on the runners finishing and help determine if they need medical support, hand out finisher medals and water and direct them to the results posting or food tent. Congratulate all finishers!!


Disassemble transition: These volunteers will assist is take down of the pipe racks and fencing that supports the transition area. Help stack and load the pipes, fencing and supports. Clean up any trash and debris and return the area to pre-race clean condition.


Cleanup: These volunteers work the area from the swim, to the food area, the finish line and the transition area and helping to clean up trash, collect lost equipment, pack and load the truck.






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