In Memory of Matt McCulley

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Dear Athletes,

Welcome to Tri for Our Veterans - In Memory of Matt McCulley. Thank you very much for registering for the race and supporting our military veterans. All proceeds from the race go to The Semper Fi Fund (to assist with the needs of our injured men/women in uniform) and Sea Isle’s VFW (to assist in the renovation of the town’s veterans’ memorials).

For those new to the sport of triathlon, this is an ideal course to start your pending addiction to multi-sport racing. Please   thoroughly read through this guide-all you need to know about the race is here!

We are grateful for the continued support from the City of Sea Isle City, who has been a phenomenal supporter and advocate for this event. The Department of Police, EMT, Beach Patrol, Recreation, Public Works, the Mayor’s Office, and our fabulous volunteers all deserve a loud round of applause.  

Finally, our family would like to thank everyone for their support, kind words, prayers and generosity over the past several years. Matt was the light of our lives and he is missed every day.  We could not carry out this event without all of you. TRI For Our Veterans was so very special to him and we are so grateful that his spirit will live on through this event.

As Matt would say, ―See you soon in Sea Isle City!‖

Bridgette McCulley Summa

Race Director

[email protected]




Racers, Please note the bike route change.  Due to many unforeseen circumstances (Hurricane Sandy, Road Construction, permit restrictions), the course will now head south towards Townsends Inlet.  It will be one loop, totaling 6 miles.  Although this is not our first choice, this decision has been made with your safety in mind.  We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding . 






Race Management makes every effort to maintain a secure transition area: In order to do this, we have the following policies that must be followed by all participants and their family members and friends.

Check-in: The only people allowed in the transition area at any time will be race participants, staff members and event volunteers. You will need your assigned wrist band on before access to transition will be allowed. There is one entrance to the transition area prior to the race – you must use this entrance only. Bike warm-ups must take place prior to transition area check-in. Once your bike is in transition, it cannot leave until the bike portion of the race.

Check out: After you finish the race, there will be one exit for people and bikes. In order to check your bike out, you must have your bike number on your bike and your wrist band on. If you are missing either of these, we will need to record information on you and your bike and it will delay your exit from transition.

Other: Please remember that once you finish the race, there may still be other participants transitioning. Please keep the aisles of transition and the bike in/run out areas clear so that they can continue the race without impediment.


You are responsible for the safety of your bike. Be sure that you do not have any loose parts, damaged rims, broken spokes, or dry rotted tires. Also be sure that your handle bars have bar end plugs to ensure safety for yourself and others as they create a hazard in the event of a crash.

Should you have any problems with your bike or your helmet, please take it to your local bike shop prior to the race for any necessary repairs.

For your convenience, the sponsoring bike shop will be available to assist with any maintenance you may require. There will be limited mechanical assistance available during the race.


Should you have a breakdown during the race, a staff member will be roaming the course to furnish you and your bike with a ride back to the race site. Upon being picked up, you will be considered a DNF (Did Not Finish) and will need to hand in your timing chip.

Event management will NOT be held responsible for any problems that may occur with your bike on race day. It is your responsibility to maintain your bike in good working order for your safety and the safety of the athletes around you.

At any time, if event management, it’s staff, or volunteers deem that your bike is unsafe, you will be asked to rectify the situation before being allowed to enter the transition area and race.  You cannot race without a race helmet! This is non-negotiable and you must have possession of the helmet in order to initially enter the transition area!








Please bring the following items to packet pick-up:


Official Photo ID

You must present a photo ID to receive your race packet.

USAT Membership Card*

*If you are not a USAT Member, or you are a member but do not have your card, you will need to purchase a one day insurance license and sign the USAT waiver.


Late Packet Pick-Up (Race Morning)


Packet Pick-up opens at 5:00 am and closes at 6:00 am – NO EXCEPTIONS.  Give yourself PLENTY of time – race starts at 6:30am SHARP.


PLEASE NOTE: You cannot pick up the race packet for other participants. Also, all members of Relay Teams must be present at packet pickup in order to receive their packet. As well, all relay team members must sign the USAT waiver.


Schedule of Events


Race director/management may alter any part or distance of the event due to unforeseen circumstances


Friday, May 24, 2013

3 - 7pm                   Packet Pick up, VFW

Saturday, May 25, 2013

5:00 - 6:00am              TRANSITION OPEN, LATE PACKET-PICK UP

6:30am                        RACE STARTS PROMPTLY

9:00am                          Awards


10:00am                        Complimentary Buffet at VFW Post 1963


11:00am -1pm               After Party at the Ocean Drive Sand Bar

                                Wristbands for all athletes – FREE DRAFT BEER 11-12

                                40th and Landis Ave



Tips and Tricks

We’ve been wetsuit legal every year, so chances are likely that you can wear your suit.
If you’re struggling in the swim, raise and wave your arm to get the attention of one of our many swim support team on kayaks, jet skis, boats, and paddle boards. If you need to grab onto a kayak for a second you may do so without being DQ’d, but you can’t make progress.

Make sure you’re on time.

NO refunds, NO crying, NO exceptions.

Bring an extra bottle of water to rinse your feet after the barefoot run from swim exit.

Ride on the right side of your lane, as far right as possible.

Keep three bike lengths between you and the cyclist in front of you.

Pass on the left of the cyclist in front, never on the right.

Complete your pass within 15 seconds.

If passed, you must drop completely out of the zone (back at least 3 bike lengths), to the rear, before attempting to re-pass.


Always have your chinstrap securely fastened! The helmet and chinstrap rule apply before, during, and after the event. The chinstrap rule is the easiest to follow, but some folks always seem to forget – that’s a DQ!


Remember to treat other athletes, volunteers, and officials with courtesy and consideration. Failure to do so is called Unsportsmanlike Conduct and you will be disqualified.


Watch for uneven road surfaces and holes/debris in the sand.

Finish Line

Receive your Finisher Pint Glass, and water.

Get your timing chip and strap removed (or you will get charged $40).

 See a medic in the medical tent if necessary.


Athlete Recovery Zone, in Transition, following the Finish Line—only athletes;
Get bagels, fruit, water, pretzels, juice.


Family Reunion – Get your picture printed with Moon Doggie Studios!

Results and Awards:


J-Chip Timing Receipts & Results - pick up your official results! This receipt will give your split, final times and inspire you into 2014!
Overall results will be posted & updated continuously.  Results kiosks by the Awards stage in Transition.

Award Categories

Each Race has separate Awards  - Triathlon and Duathlon

¤ Top 3 Overall Male and Top 3 Overall Female

¤ Male Age Groups (Top 3 in each)

¤ 19 and under, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65+

¤ Female Age Groups (Top 3 in each)

¤ 19 and under, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65+

¤ MILITARY—Top 3 Overall Male and Top 3 Overall Female

¤ Team Semper Fi – Top 3

¤ Top 3 Clydesdale (Male 200+ lbs).

¤ Top 3 Athenas (Females 150+ lbs).

¤Top 3 Male Relay

¤ Top 3 Female Relay

¤Top 3 Co-ed Relay

Athlete Check List

___ RACE UNIFORM (Tri- Tank and Tri- Shorts Recommended)
___ PERMANENT MARKER (For Calf Age Body Marking)

___ RACE BELT (Optional)





From Philadelphia and North

 Once in NJ, take Route 42 East towards Atlantic City.

 Route 42 becomes The Atlantic City Expressway.

 Stay on the AC Expressway for approximately 32 miles.

 Exit at 7S (south) on to the Garden State Parkway southbound.

 Proceed for approximately 20 miles.

 Take exit 17, Sea Isle City.

 At the bottom of the ramp, bear and turn right.

 Proceed east for 2.5 miles.

 Once over the bridge, the VFW Post is on your immediate left hand side.

 Proceed straight on Sea Isle Boulevard towards the ocean. Once through the second traffic light, the transition area is 150 yards on your left.

Alternate Route from Delaware (Delaware Memorial Bridge).

 Cross the Delaware Memorial Bridge (I295) towards NJ.

 Once over the bridge, stay in the right hand lane and take exit for Route 40 Atlantic City.

 Proceed on Route 40 for approximately 38 miles.

 Right onto ramp for Route 55 towards Vineland/Millville.

 Proceed on Route 55 for 15.

 Take exit 24 and turn left at the stop light.

 Proceed for 16 miles.

 Turn right onto Route 50 and drive for 7 miles.

 Bear right on NJ Garden State Parkway South

 Take exit 17, Sea Isle City.

 At the bottom of the ramp, bear and turn right.

 Proceed east for 2.5 miles.

 Once over the bridge, the VFW Post is on your immediate left hand side.

 Proceed straight on Sea Isle Boulevard towards the ocean. Once through the second traffic light, the transition area is 150 yards on your left.

From Northern New Jersey and New York

 NJ Garden State Parkway South

 Take exit 17, Sea Isle City.

 At the bottom of the ramp, bear and turn right.

 Proceed east for 2.5 miles.

 Once over the bridge, the VFW Post is on your immediate left hand side.

 Proceed straight on Sea Isle Boulevard towards the ocean. Once through the second traffic light, the transition area is 150 yards on your left.




METER PARKING ALONG JFK BLVD. WEST OF LANDIS AVE.  Meter parking may also be available along Landis Ave and limited street parking throughout town.

ABSOLUTELY NO PARKING ON JFK Boulevard & the beach OR Pleasure Avenue between 38th Streets and 93rd Street. Or your car will be towed at your expense. Do NOT park in handicap or next to yellow curbs. You will receive a ticket. Race is not responsible for parking tickets.

Spectator Information


Sea Isle City is an excellent location for a triathlon. The Promenade alongside of the beach will allow spectators an up close and personal viewing of the race. It is the suggested viewing location for spectators. From this vantage point, one can watch the swim, transition area, and the run out-plus the finish line!

Please share in the moment and wear red, white, and blue to the race—and cheer with pride…  Memorial Day is more than the start of the summer!

Parking Spectator (as well as athlete) parking ….there are numerous parking spots all along JFK Boulevard and Landis Avenue (south of JFK). These spots have parking meters– but do not start until 10am. Bring quartersJ Athlete Support Bring your cow bells, noise makers, posters, banners, and other items to cheer on your favorite athlete. Please keep in mind that spectators are not allowed to provide any outside assistance to the athletes. Outside assistance can result in penalties and possible disqualification. Outside assistance can include but is not limited to: transition area assistance, running or riding along with the athlete (pacing), handing off water bottles, etc. Staff and volunteers will provide assistance as needed and allowed. As well, there will be no time during the event when spectators will be allowed in the secure transition area. If your athlete forgot an item for the transition area, please ask a Staff member or volunteer to assist you in getting that item to the athlete.

Spectator Control The Staff and volunteers have your athlete’s safety and security as their primary responsibility. Therefore, there may be times during the course of the event that we will need to provide directions to spectators if we feel that the athletes do not have a clear and unobstructed path. Please pay close attention to these directions/instructions so that we are able to maintain the safety of every athlete.

Kids and Dogs Children are encouraged to participate—we welcome children of all ages to assemble at the Finish Line and cheer all the finishers. Note: Dogs are NOT allowed on Sea Isle’s Beach.


Course Description


Duathlon~2 Mile Run (1st Leg)

 Stay to the right at all times to allow for smooth flow to transition and finish line.

 Start at JFK and Boardwalk.

 Run south to 57th Street, turn Left onto beach, continue south to 59th St.

 U turn at Beach and 59th Street.

 Proceed back in same direction to Transition Area.


Triathlon~0.25 Mile Swim (1st Leg)

 Beach start.

 Ocean swim, parallel to shore.

 Wetsuits STRONGLY recommended. Expected water temperature around 64-68 degrees.

 Start OUT of the water, on the beach—a running start into the ocean. Swim 100m off shore, turn around the buoy & swim 200m to the final turn buoy. From there, make the turn around the buoy towards shore & swim 100m to the beach.

 Course will be adequately staffed with Sea Isle Beach Patrol and rescue



Bike~6 Miles (Triathlon & Duathlon)

Flat and Fast.. Out and back one time.

  Exit transition area at JFK and Pleasure.                                                                     

 Turn Left onto JFK.

 Turn Left onto Pleasure Ave.

 Turn Right onto 92nd St.

 Tun Left onto Landis Ave.

 Turn Left onto 93rd St.

Turn left onto Pleasure.

 Head back into same direction towards Transition Area.

 Turn left onto JFK towards Transition Area.


Run~3.1 Miles (Triathlon & Duathlon)

 Stay to the right at all times to allow for smooth flow to transition and finish line.

 Start at JFK and Boardwalk.

 Run south to 57th Street, turn Left onto Beach.

 Continue running south to 68th St.

 U turn at Beach and 68th Street

 Proceed back in same direction to Finish Line, turn slight right onto beach.  Finish on beach, in front of pavilion.



Thank you for choosing to race with us.  Tri for Our Veterans – In Memory of Matt McCulley, is the only US triathlon founded for the benefit for our veterans & one of the very few races in the US to offer a Military Division. This grouping is open to active military and veterans alike. We have a separate Military Wave representing this division.

Additionally, Team Semper Fi has sent athletes to compete in the race. Team Semper Fi is comprised of injured Sailors & Marines who participate in sporting events to help raise awareness of our wounded men and women in uniform.


Please show your gratitude and support to our Military Division throughout the race by saying thank you & cheering them on!


Have fun and good luck!



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